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Tap to shoot the ball and hit the obstacle that matches your color. Don't clash into the wrong color or you’ll have to start again.

  • Exciting obstacles: Star, Circle, Square, Diamond, Spikes, Flower, Circle of Circles and more!
  • Fast-paced: a game of Color Clash can last up to 60 seconds, or just 2 if you mess up
  • Challenge Players all over the world

Just Five is a new timing-based single-tap dexterity game that will test your reflexes and reaction time.

Shoot the small ball in the center of the screen at the right time to avoid the obstacles, repeat this five times in a row to complete the level. Just 5 is a really simple game, but extremely addictive and challenging that will entertain you for quite some time.
  • 50 level
  • no Ads or in-App purchases
  • fun and increasingly challenging

A simple math game that tests your reaction speed. Can you solve simple tasks quickly in your head?

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